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Ecosystem Services

On the Farm

Improve Water Quality

Ecosystem Services Photo

Learn more about how shellfish can improve water quality and provide important habitat for other marine organisms.

On the Farm Photo

What does it take to be a shellfish farmer? Watch this video on the ins and outs of growing and harvesting shellfish in Puget Sound. Watch Video.

Improve Water Quality Photo

Learn 5 simple steps you can take to improve water quality in your area. Learn more...

Project HigHlights

OA Oysters

OA Vulnerability Assessment

Ocean Acidification is occurring with greater intensity in the Pacific Northwest than anywhere else in the world. OSU and PSI team up to identify the cost of and pathways to adaptation for regional shellfisheries and stakeholders.

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Rock Scallop Biotoxin Monitoring

Our team will assess rock scallop uptake, tissue concentration and detoxification rates of naturally occuring toxins that can cause Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning (PSP) in humans, an essential step in the process toward certification.

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Sea Cucumber

Growing Native Sea Cucumbers

PSI and partners are developing polyculture methods for the native, giant red sea cucumber, Parastichopus californicus as a nutrient recycler and promising species for U.S. export.

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Eelgrass and Shellfish Habitat Use

Habitat use by estuarine fish and epibenthic invertebrates are currently being assessed in four west coast estuaries by PSI and partners.

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Seed Health

Oyster Seed Research & Training

PSI and partners streamline seed rearing methods and seed health diagnostics for small and mid-size farms to grow their own.

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Comparative Habitat Study: Native Eelgrass and Oyster Culture in West Coast Estuaries

Eelgrass Final Report



what's blooming in budd

Find out what plankton species are growing in Budd Inlet, Long Lake and the Deschutes River at Pioneer Park this summer! Join PSI biologists each Thursday from June 21st - August 30th to learn more about local water quality. View the 2018 schedule here.


3,000 Students Engaged in 2017!


Middle school students perform intertidal transects during the 4- week long Garden of the Salish Sea Curriculum. Learn more about the K-12 science education programs PSI offers to local schools!

Garden of the Salish Sea Curriculum

PSI is the parent organization for Garden of the Salish Sea Curriculum, based in Whatcom County, WA directed by Julie Hirsch. This K-12 environmental science program uses shellfish as a vehicle to teach marine science and water quality issues using lab and field-based activities. Learn more...